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Pammie Cameron, mum of 3 and business entrepreneur can definitely be described as a Wonder woman. After leaving her management job in the financial industry 16 years ago Pammie decided to open her own pole school Up Yer Pole in Scotland and her feet have barely touched the ground since. 


Pammie moved to Essex in 2010 and whilst keeping her school in Scotland running, decided to set up in Essex as well. 


Pammie first took an interest in competition organising whilst hosting pole heats in Scotland for other competition organisers, and after building her experience in this area she felt it was time to start a competition that celebrated the finest pole athletes in Scotland under her own name and so Miss & Mister Pole Scotland was born. 


Pammie has travelled back and forth between Scotland and Essex for many years and thought it would be a shame if she didn’t bring her well established competition to sunny Essex, so began Miss & Mister Pole Essex. 


If these two successful competitions weren't enough, she has now added Heir to the Chrome to her Resumé & Floorplay.  


Whilst maintaining six competitions and a pole school, Pammie still hosts competition heats including The Authentic Pole Competition in both Scotland and Essex. 


As if all that wasn’t enough, Pammie took up professional photography several years ago and can be seen snapping away at most of her own events as well as many others. She also supplies her own trussing which is available to hire from her company Trusstus. She is a one-woman event superstar!

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